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Sonja Dumas ’86

Sonja Dumas 86

Sonja Dumas is a performer, choreographer, writer, filmmaker, teacher and arts development consultant who lives and works in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She is the founder of Continuum Dance Project and initiator, co-founder and co-director of COCO Dance Festival, one of the largest annual contemporary dance festivals in the Caribbean. Her aesthetic is rooted in the historical and contemporary phenomena of the region.

Sonja has performed with the Astor Johnson Repertory Dance Theatre, Reggie Wilson’s Fist and Heel Performance Group, and other groups. She is also an award-winning filmmaker, and is currently working on two feature-length narrative screenplays and one documentary.

Sonja continues to investigate the multifaceted cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago — in dance, in film and in her writing. Most recently, her chapter on the history of dance in the region was published in the “Foundation Readings on the History of Trinidad and Tobago,” a publication aimed at enhancing arts education in schools across the country. She has been called a Caribbean pioneer by HuffPost.


Free-Up!: Finding Power and Passion in Movement

Saturday, October 5

This interactive session will explore power and passion through a facilitated dance workshop.

Sonja Dumas ’86, Arts and Entertainment Consultant