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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to attend the conference?

Alumni are invited to attend this three-day event free of charge.

Are guests welcome at the conference?

Alumni are welcome to register one guest. To ensure that we can accommodate all interested alumni, we are unable to accommodate additional guests.

Can I register onsite?

Onsite registration will be available, but we encourage you to register in advance. This will speed up your check-in process, and help us to better estimate attendance at conference events.

When will the conference begin and end?

Programming will begin in the early afternoon on Thursday, October 3, and will conclude with an after-dinner program on Saturday, October 5. There will be no programming held on Sunday, October 6.

Do I need to attend the full conference?

While we encourage everyone to attend the full conference, there is no requirement to do so. Conference registration and name badge pick-up will be available throughout the weekend. It is fine to come for any portion of the conference that you are able to attend.

Do I have to attend all of the events I select on the registration form? If I change my mind about a session, do I need to notify you?

When completing the registration form, you will be asked to select which sessions you are interested in attending to assist us in gauging guest counts. Once you are on campus, you are welcome to attend any part of the program regardless of whether you pre-registered for that session. If you decide you want to attend a different session after you have already registered, there is no need to notify us.

Will any of the conference sessions be recorded and/or livestreamed?

We will be recording selected sessions during the conference. These videos will be available several weeks after the conference on the Thrive website. At this time, we have plans to livestream a few events. More information will be forthcoming.

I would like to suggest an alumni speaker for the conference. Who do I contact?

The conference schedule is very full already, but we are always interested in hearing about compelling alumni even though we may not have a place for them in the Thrive conference schedule. If you have a suggestion, please email alumniconferences@princeton.edu.

I am an author interested in participating in the Alumni Author Book. How do I express my interest?

Please complete the interest form no later than August 13.

My class, regional association or other group wants to host a gathering during the Thrive conference. How do I go about doing this?

The Thrive conference schedule is very full. While we appreciate the desire to host smaller gatherings during the conference, we are unable to support the planning of these events. You are welcome to organize smaller gatherings on your own, such as a pre-conference lunch on Thursday, October 3, meeting for drinks following the conclusion of programming on the evenings of Thursday, October 3, or a post-conference breakfast on Sunday, October 6.

Are there hotel room blocks set up at area hotels for the Thrive conference?

Yes, there are blocks set up at a number of area hotels for the conference. More information can be found on the Hotels page. With the exception of the Nassau Inn, which is within walking distance, free shuttle service will be provided to campus during the conference from all of the hotels listed.

Where can I park during the conference?

Parking on campus is limited, especially on weekdays as school will be in session during this event. We encourage you to take advantage of mass transit and hotel shuttles, and carpool whenever possible. Specific campus parking locations available for the conference will be posted in the resources section of the Thrive website in mid-September.

How will dietary restrictions be handled during the event?

On the first page of the registration form, you will be asked to share any dietary restrictions you have. This information will be shared with our caterers in advance of the event, and they will be prepared to address all restrictions. At the sit-down meals, please review the printed menu at your table, and share your restriction with your server if a special meal is needed. At buffet-style or grab-and-go events, stationary items will be labeled and servers will be able to answer questions about the food available.

What do I do if I need to cancel my registration?

If your plans have changed and you will no longer be able to join us on campus for Thrive, please email alumniconferences@princeton.edu to let us know and we will cancel your registration.