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Nyron S. Burke ’05

Nyron Burke

Nyron S. Burke is the founder, chief executive officer, and chief technology officer of Lithero, an artificial intelligence software company. He founded Lithero to reduce the time, manual effort, and increasing costs of ensuring the compliance of biopharmaceutical marketing content. LARA, the Lithero Artificial Review Assistant, is the company’s first product.

Formerly with Accenture, Burke has designed and implemented technologies and business processes for global biopharmaceutical companies for over a decade.

Burke is a graduate of the Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School and serves as a trustee of the Princeton Christian Fellowship. He is married to Ruth Hunt Burke ’06 and is the father of three daughters.


Venture-Backed Founders and Funders

Thursday, October 3

James H. Simmons III ’88, CEO & Managing Partner, Asland Capital Partners

Nyron S. Burke ’05, CEO & CTO, Lithero
Jon Hayes ’07
, CEO, RewardStock.com
Fadzi Makanda ’07, Director, Digital Strategy & Investments, Sony Music
Marcus Stroud ’16, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, TXV