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Muoyo Okome ’05

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An expert in mobile app publishing, marketing, and monetization, Muoyo has built, published, and sold a portfolio of 100-plus mobile apps which have collectively been downloaded over 12 million times worldwide, including several achieving Top 10 and Top 100 status.

A former employee of IBM and Microsoft, he is the author of “The 7 Steps to App Success,” adviser of the App Moguls Accelerator, and host of the “Game of Grow” podcast, which debuted among the top 100 business podcasts on iTunes.


Tigers in Tech

Saturday, October 5

Tigers in Tech will explore what it means to be a person of color in technology. From Fortune 500 Tech Exec to startup co-founder, the panel will explore the many faces of tech.

Eric Plummer ’10, General Manager, Lyft

Muoyo Okome ’05, Founder, App Magic
Toni Townes-Whitley ’85, President, US Regulated Industries, Microsoft Corp.
Dale Williams ’93, President, Dolo Technology Services LLC
Amina Yamusah ’13, CTO, Bloc