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Katrina Fludd

Katrina Fludd

Katrina is passionate about creating and sustaining diverse, inclusive and equitable places of living, working and learning. You’ll find her at the intersection of communities that live, work and learn together — building design thinking and other human-centered approaches to shift mindsets towards deep empathy, comfort with ambiguity, taking smart action and embracing holistic, non-judgmental thinking to driving change and growth.

She currently consults and collaborates with employees at Princeton to create dynamic roadmaps for inclusion and belonging that are not only viable and feasible but also desirable for all stakeholders. After 15 years of experiences, she recently founded Kelda & Co., a brand to further develop and share this practice and content across various fields. Katrina earned her master’s degree in management in entrepreneurial leadership from Babson College and remains committed to a more equitable, wellness-centered, people-first world through her work and life.


Introduction to Design Thinking

Thursday, October 3

What is Design Thinking and what can it do for me? Learn how to use this innovation process to put human needs into the center of the problem.

Katrina Fludd, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Human Resources, Princeton University; Founder, Kelda & Co.
Cheryl Scales ’84, Innovation Consultant, Cultural Activator, Community Engagement