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Bianca Alexander ’93

Bianca Alexander '93

After a decade as a successful attorney working at Fortune 500 companies including General Dynamics and Paramount Pictures, Bianca left a full-time law practice to pursue a career as a television journalist. She is the creative director and co-founder of “Conscious Living,” a television program dedicated to sharing stories on the front lines of integrative health, sustainability and mindfulness now airing on Amazon Prime. She received an Emmy Award for her role as host on “Conscious Living’s” original series, “Soul of Green,” a news program about health, wellness and sustainability in communities of color in Chicago.

A passionate wellness advocate, Bianca is a certified yoga instructor, Reiki master and plant-based nutritionist. She is a sought-after workshop facilitator and speaker on maintaining work-life balance, and how to heal diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle diseases with a healthy diet and practical mindfulness.

In addition, Bianca has contributed to The Huffington Post, Thrive, and Spirituality & Health magazine. Bianca is also an award-winning fellow of the Association of Health Care Journalists.


Conscious Living: How to Achieve Work/Life Balance in the Real World

Saturday, October 5

Join us for this fun and engaging hands-on workshop, where you will gain practical tools and a custom road map for creating more balance in your personal and professional life.

Bianca Alexander ’93, Creative Director and Host, Conscious Living TV on Amazon Prime