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Amina Yamusah ’13

Amina Yamusah

Amina Yamusah is a civic technologist with a background in political data analytics, software development and data engineering. As the chief technical officer and co-founder of Bloc, Amina develops data management software and data modeling tools that help workforce development programs increase their outcomes.

A former data engineer at MoveOn.org, Amina’s technical background includes work at the intersection of voter outreach and data transformation. She participated on a team that led a digital voter outreach campaign reaching over 15 million voters in the 2018 midterm elections.

Outside of her professional life, Amina leads Tech for Voting Rights, an informal group of technologists working to ensure that digital political campaigns include communities that are in the highest risk of voter suppression and political marginalization.


Tigers in Tech

Saturday, October 5

Tigers in Tech will explore what it means to be a person of color in technology. From Fortune 500 Tech Exec to startup co-founder, the panel will explore the many faces of tech.

Eric Plummer ’10, General Manager, Lyft

Muoyo Okome ’05, Founder, App Magic
Toni Townes-Whitley ’85, President, US Regulated Industries, Microsoft Corp.
Dale Williams ’93, President, Dolo Technology Services LLC
Amina Yamusah ’13, CTO, Bloc