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Aasha M. Abdill *15

Aasha Abdill 15

An independent research, evaluation and strategy consultant, Aasha Abdill manages efforts to assess and enhance the impact of an organization’s initiatives. She also works to increase the diversity of those providing skills, insights and scholarship to philanthropy, policy, and nonprofit practices. Her latest endeavor is using micro-ethnography as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of seminars and workshops designed to cultivate inclusive dialogues and equitable spaces.

Aasha recently published “Fathering from the Margins,” a well-received sociological manuscript which analyzes community beliefs and behaviors related to fatherhood and the dangers of externalized and internalized unconscious biases on black father involvement.

Aasha holds a master’s degree in quantitative methodology from Columbia University and a doctorate in sociology from Princeton, with a concentration in organizational theory, race and ethnicity, and community studies.


Alumni Author Book Fair

Saturday, October 5

Drop-in fair highlighting published Black alumni and select faculty authors.

Aasha M. Abdill *15, Fathering from the Margins
Rahman Beckwith ’03, A Gift of Joy– 365 Love Poems for a Year of Spiritual Ecstasy
Ruha Benjamin, Race After Technology
Heather M. Butts ’94African American Medicine in Washington, D.C.: Healing the Capital During the Civil War Era
Chris Chambers ’82, The Obama Inheritance: Fifteen Stories of Conspiracy Noir
Mario Depeine, Sr. ’85, Immanuel’s Bride and the Holy Spirit, Building a Whole New World
Tod G. Hamilton, Immigration and the Remaking of Black America
Ladee Hubbard ’93, The Talented Ribkins
Daryl Inniss ’83, Silicon Photonics: Fueling the Next Information Revolution
Lolita Buckner Inniss ’83, The Princeton Fugitive Slave: The Trials of James Collins Johnson
Franne McNeal ’82, Significant! From Frustrated to FranneTastic: Inspirational Stories for the Entrepreneurial Woman
Alexis Okeowo ’06, A Moonless, Starless Sky: Ordinary Women and Men Fighting Extremism in Africa
Andre Perry ’00, Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now
Imani Perry, Breathe: A Letter to My Sons
Sarah Valentine *07, When I Was White: A Memoir
Wilton L. Virgo ’00, Quantum Mechanics in Everyday Life
Barbara Wallace ’80, Making Mandated Addiction Treatment Work
Brigitte White ’00, All-American, Making the Cut

Featured authors:


Navigating the Benefits and Burdens of our Princeton Privilege as Parents

Saturday, October 5

Join the discussion on how our privilege as Princetonians affects our role as parents.

Moderator: Hilary Beard ’84, Writer, Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Aasha M. Abdill *15, Independent Scholar
Clyde Beverly III ’00, Counseling Psychologist in Residence & Coordinator of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, The Purnell School
Liz Robinson Henry ’88, Youth Consultant and Pediatrician